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XCOM 2 Collection Coming to Android Next Year

Feral Interactive has announced that XCOM 2 Collection is coming to Android at some point next year. An iOS launch is due on November the 5th this year – i.e. in about three weeks.

XCOM 2 sees you playing as commander of the XCOM military outfit, which has been reduced to the status of rebel force despite your best efforts to repel the alien invaders in the original XCOM. You goal is to bring down the alien regime.

The iOS version of XCOM 2 will be a premium port, with a bespoke touchscreen interface. It’ll cost $24.99 for the full game, including all four DLC packages.

We can probably expect the same for Android, unless the iOS price comes down between November 5th and next year. In any case, Feral Interactive promises more news in due course.

Source: Gaming on Phone

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