XOOM News: Save 25% off no contract pricing, Dungeon Defenders pre-installed

Well as you may or may not have realized by now, the Motorola XOOM is now available for purchase. While you have to drop some heavy cash to get one, especially off contract for $799 and even on contract at $599, the fine folks over at XDA have discovered a way to save yourself $200 off the no contract pricing!

This is great timing considering all the Tegra 2 Android games that are starting to land on the market and Tegra Zone heading our way very shortly. If you head over to the Motorola store and purchase a XOOM with no contract and input this coupon code: OCNNSB25 , you’ll get 25% off the price and you’ll have your XOOM in your hands in about 2 days!

While the XOOM is still fairly expensive even with the $200 off the no contract pricing, this little deal will certainly make a lot of people happy who unfortunately purchased everything at full price as now they can return it for a refund, get their money back and buy it this way and save some cash. Also people who thought the price of $799 as way to high will now have it available at a bit more of an affordable pricing. This coupon will expire and is good from February 1, 2011, through March 15, 2011 so if you plan on using it, don’t wait too long.

Note: Some people are having trouble at first getting the code to work but it seems after a few tries it will work. Just make sure the discount shows up before you finish the order. I wouldn’t wait too long as this could end up being closed down a lot sooner then the end date of March 15, 2011.

Another bit of good news coming from the fine folks over at Trendy Entertainment. According to them, Dungeon Defenders will be coming pre-installed on Motorola XOOMs which is great for all of you who will be broke for a little bit after buying one. You’ll be able to have a Tegra 2 game to play right away. Of course if you use the above code in time, you’ll save $200 on your XOOM and be able to spend a little coin on some Tegra 2 games!

Website Referenced: XDA via Droid-Life

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