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Yokai Dungeon is Out Now

Yokai Dungeon is a roguelike pixel-art dungeon crawler based on Japanese folklore. It’s created by Neutronized, the talented developer who created the adorable platformer Super Cat Tales.

Yokai Dungeon – A mix of Japanese folklore and roguelike gameplay

Yokai Dungeon is one of those games where no two runs will ever be the same. Each time you play the layout of rooms and what’s inside them is randomly generated. Keeping you entertained for hours on end.

Yokai have gatecrashed the lantern festival, Tanuki and his friends need to do all they can to save the day. In Yokai Dungeon, you can’t directly attack a yokai, instead, you push blocks, vases and anything you can into the Yokai to destroy them.

I have been waiting for Yokai Dungeon for some time, now you can get a copy from the Google Play Store.

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