You Can Now Awaken Heroes In EF Defense, Including The New Death Knight

EF Defense, the mobile tower defense game, has received a brand new hero, the Death Knight, as part of a major new update that also introduces a new ‘Hero Awakening’ system.

As the name suggests, this system allows you to awaken your heroes to strengthen their skills. You can only do so once a hero has achieved five stars though, and you need ‘Pet Fragments’ to actually awaken them.

The Death Knight Explained

If you’re a fan of undead or demonic heroes, the Death Knight should appeal to you. This hero’s skills focus on boosting heroes of that particular type that are nearby. 

Not only that, but this particular hero’s pet is none other than the Grim Reaper itself. It’s a cute chibi version though, rather than anything nightmare-inducing.

Here’s a list of the Death Knight’s skills:

  • Death Blade – Swing the sword to deal 90% of the attack to an enemy, and every 5th successful hit deals 80% of the attack as additional damage.
  • Rampage of Darkness – Enters into a rampage of 8 seconds, increases Haste of itself by 30% and nearby undead heroes by 20%During rampage, energy does not regen, and cannot be killed even when reaching 0 health (Min. Lv.21)
  • Death Knight – On first death, it is revived instantly. Time required for the next revive increases by 20 seconds per revive. The revive timer is not affected by Haste, and it revives with 60% health. If there are no surviving allies on the same floor, the revive does not trigger (Max 5 revives) (Min. Lv.41)
  • Death Knight’s Command – At the start of the battle, increases the Accuracy and Evasion of ally Undead & Demon heroes by 20%(Min. Lv.61)
  • Dark Legion – When battling in Undead map, every 3 seconds, whenever someone dies, revive it as a skeleton soldier with 60% of original stats, with 70% chance. Every time this ability triggers, DK gains 3% Defense, & Incoming Damage ▼ by 1%. (Max 10 stacks). Max of 10 skeleton soldiers can be on the field, & they disappear 3 seconds later if the DK is slain.

What’s EF Defense?

EF Defense is a tower defense game that challenges you to defend against a wide variety of different enemies, including treasure-seeking goblins, frogs with parachutes, and scary ghosts.

You see, the continent of Akaros is being invaded by these three enemy types, so the various local tribes have banded together to try and fight them off.

It’s up to you to recruit heroes from these tribes and send them to defend your towers in a variety of different game modes.

Aside from your standard tower defence, there’s a Frontier mode, which sees you go on the offensive and take down enemy bases.

You’ve also got the Arena and Grand Arena, which see you take on more powerful opponents for bragging rights.

Rounding things up is the Tower of Trials, an endless defense mode that sees you climbing a tower, taking on different challenges on each floor.

If you like the sound of EF Defense go and check out their Facebook and Twitter you can also get it right now on the App Store. The Death Knight and Hero Awakening update is available now.

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