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You Can Now Play Red Dead Redemption on Android

John Marston in Red Dead Redemption.

Thanks to the wonders of emulation, you can now play Red Dead Redemption on Android. And, early reports indicate that it works pretty well, provided you have a sufficiently powerful device, that is.

Users on the EmulationOnAndroid subreddit have showcased the brand new Switch version running at a stable 30fps on both Yuzu and Skyline. Though, the Yuzu version seems to have some bizarre colour issues.

Almost all of the screenshots we’ve seen so far features a purpley-blue John Marston, with the rest of the world looking largely fine. I wouldn’t recommend playing it that way, but the fact it runs at all is impressive.

And remember, this is before any optimisations by either emulator’s developer to make the game run better. We could be mere days away from a perfect version of Red Dead Redemption on Android. Who would have believed that just a handful of years ago?

What Device Will I Need?

The phone we’ve seen the best performance out of so far is the Red Magic 7S Pro, which features a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. So, you will need a phone of at least that level of performance to get the most out of Red Dead Redemption on Android.

Having said that, I recommend that you hold off for just now, unless you’re totally fine with the idea of a blue John Marston. Skyline is discontinued, so it’s unlikely that performance will improve over there, but Yuzu is in active development and receives updates very often.

I also recommend following the EmulationOnAndroid subreddit, as you will know as soon as a user has managed to get this game running flawlessly. It’s a helpful community, that regularly provides tutorials and recommended specs.

In other emulation news, we recently highlighted Windows emulator Cassia, SkyEmu’s Android release and DS support, and the launch of another Windows emulator, Winlator.

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