You Can Pre-order an MU Origin Fairy Elf Statue Right Now

Videogame figurines are awesome. After watching your favorite characters running around on the screen, there’s something truly magical about holding them in your hand and looking at them on your shelf. 

And soon you’ll be able to add another character to your collection. In partnership with Vertex, Korean studio Webzen has created a statue of Fairy Elf from its epic MU Origin MMORPG series. 

The statue was designed by Ishiyama Yuki, whose previous credits include an excellent range of One Piece figurines. It’s around 35 centimeters tall, making it roughly 1/7 scale, and it’s composed of PVC and ABS. 

For the uninitiated, MU Origin is a huge MMORPG whose roots go all the way back to 2001, when MU Online was released on PC. A mobile spinoff arrived a couple of years ago, and sequel followed at the beginning of this year. 

The game sees you doing all that good MMORPG stuff, including forming parties, completing quests, joining clans, PvP, PvE, levelling up, and killing a vast menagerie of fantastical beasts in a sprawling fantasy universe. 

Among the many species in the game are Noria Elves. In accordance with fantasy convention, these creatures are extremely beautiful and gifted with a bow and arrow. Not only that but they know how to infuse their arrows with deadly magic. 

Ishiyama Yuki has done an excellent job of bringing a Fairy Elf to life. Thanks to a new technique called digital sculpting there’s a huge amount of intricate detail on display, including exquisite armor and realistically transparent 25 centimeter wings.

The Fairy Elf statue is a sight to behold if you’re an MU Origin fan. You can pre-order it now on AmiAmi here, the biggest Bishoujo retailer in Japan. It costs ¥29,800 (not including tax) and you can get it shipped to anywhere in the world.

Move fast, though. Pre-orders close on after November 6th, and the statue ships next April.

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