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You’ll never get board of Stickman Skate Battle on iOS and Android

Apologies for the poor pun, but the headline rings true. Stickman Skate Battle is a multiplayer-focused skateboarding game out right now on iOS and Android.

It’s designed for real time multiplayer play with a friend, and there are two different modes to experience. High score is like classic Tony Hawk, with you both vying for the highest score by competing the best tricks.

Then there’s the Splatoon-inspired domination. Here you have to track near obstacles to cover them in your colours, and the player who owns the most at the end wins.

Stay tricky

Make sure to perform your best tricks though, as your opponent can steal your obstacles if they perform a better trick on it.

Aside from the main modes, there are also daily, weekly, and league tournaments that serve up a tougher challenge. You’ll be playing against players globally.

So you might want to get some training in. Definitely complete the tutorial, then move on to training mode and hone your tricks. If you’re still feeling a bit unsure, you can play against the AI offline to hide your embarrassment.

There are a bunch of different characters and skateboards to choose from so you can inject a bit of your personality into the game, as well as a bunch of special tricks to learn.

The skateparks themselves have all been hand-designed in a gorgeous 3D engine. There’s a lot of variety on show here.

Skate the issue

Finally, if you’re put off by the idea of touch controls – though these are pretty good here – you can play with a controller instead right out of the box.

Go ahead and grab Stickman Skate Battle from the Google Play and App Store right now.

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