YouTube Gaming will finally be launching tomorrow along with its new mobile application

YouTube almost bought Twitch not too long ago before Amazon got a hold of it instead. However, before Amazon got a hold of it, YouTube integrated a little feature into their platform that announces when a Twitch stream goes live who also has a YouTube channel. The YouTube decided that they too could provide a platform for video game live streams and that is when YouTube Gaming was announced. Now, after a Summer of waiting, YouTube Gaming will be officially launching tomorrow.

YouTube Gaming will be a centralized hub for all content related to video games, but will focus on the live streaming aspect more than anything. This puts the service in direct competition with Twitch. Even though the focus is on live streaming, there will also be recorded content available as well, including past broadcasts and VODs. YouTube Gaming will automatically populate with gaming content from YouTube when it launches tomorrow, so there will be plenty to check out right away. Anyone who is a content creator on YouTube will also be able to access YouTube Gaming features. The company is also promising that it will be easier than ever to stream games on YouTube Gaming.

Google is also trying to keep YouTube Gaming a separate brand as much as possible, even though it has YouTube in the name, by releasing its own mobile application as well. So there will be the YouTube Gaming hub and the YouTube Gaming application, both of which launch tomorrow.

We are going to be giving YouTube Gaming a whirl tomorrow to see just how easy it is to stream games on it, mobile and non-mobile. We will also look at a comparison between YouTube Gaming features and that of Twitch. We will post an update once it all goes live tomorrow. You will be able to download the new app off of Google Play here when it goes live.

Website Referenced: VentureBeat

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