Yuru Camp Mobile Game Gets an Official Worldwide Release Date

feature image for our yuru camp mobile game news, the image features a screenshot from the gameplay trailer of a small version of the character Rin as she sits on a chair by a fire at the campsite, there is also a screenshot from the official yuru camp anime of rin and nadeshiko as they sit next to each other while wearing hats and scarves outside

The Yuru Camp mobile game officially has a worldwide release date! The latest game from Enish is due to launch on May 24. We’re pretty happy about the fact that it’s getting a worldwide release from the get-go, as it’s pretty common for mobile games to receive a global release months after a local launch.

Now, it was reported back in November 2022 that the game was delayed due to quality improvements. The initial release date was set to be Autumn 2022, but the delay pushed it back quite a bit. However, that news is in the past now, and we can look forward to the official release!

What to Expect From the Yuru Camp Mobile Game

If you’re not quite sure what the Yuru Camp mobile game entails, let’s take a closer look at what to expect. If you’re familiar with the anime, you’ll know that the entire premise of the show is camping. That’s not all there is though, as the series focuses heavily on the importance of companionship and the joys of travelling with friends.

Check out the gameplay trailer down below!

From the trailer, we can see that you can set up your own campsites in the mobile game, with the characters from Yuru Camp. There are also a ton of recipes to collect and camping gear to help you along the way.

Is There Customisation?

The game also includes customisation options for the characters, with a range of outfits to unlock. We’re not sure exactly what else to expect, but we assume there are some form of daily activities to complete.

From the short gameplay clips in a released trailer for the game, there is also a Camp Rank system. We’re guessing that you can receive higher levels depending on the overall state of your campsite and gear.

It looks set to be a perfect game for those who already love the Yuru Camp series, as well as for those who enjoy relaxing mobile games to help them wind down after a busy day. For more information about the game, visit the game’s official Twitter page, or the official website!

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