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ZEBEDEE Is a Bitcoin Wallet Made For Gamers

Bitcoin gaming can be confusing – but not when you have the ZEBEDEE app, a leading Bitcoin wallet and the best way to get into an area of gaming that’s growing exponentially.

It allows you to discover Bitcoin games, special events, and give you all the help you’ll need in playing the very best games you can play for Bitcoin.

The app boasts a slick and accessible store interface that lets you find and download Bitcoin-powered games with ease.

The world of Bitcoin games can be a tricky place to navigate, and ZEBEDEE is an ideal guide – here are the basics on how it works:

  • Download the ZEBEDEE app, obviously
  • You’ll then create a Gamertag like you would on your PS5 or Switch
  • You receive your own unique profile page – these are created automatically once you make a ZBD account
  • Download a game and get started

The game changer here is that your profile on ZEBEDEE lets people send you Bitcoin. 

SaruTobi is a good place to start as an example. This slick, cutesy pixel-art arcade game couldn’t be simpler to pick up. You just swing across the screen grabbing coins and bananas.

Then, you can trade in your haul for power-ups or sats – i.e., Satoshis, the smallest unit of Bitcoin currency. Get enough of those together and you’ve got yourself some folding money.

ZEBEDEE isn’t just a casual gaming portal, though. If you install the ZBD Infuse plugin you can play CS:GO on Steam, participating in Match Time tournaments and visiting sponsored servers. 

And if the competition is too fierce, you can get some tips from other players using the ZBD Streamer plugin, or visit the ZEBEDEE Discord to sound off with your fellow players. 

Whatever you choose to play, there’s an opportunity through ZEBEDEE to earn real Bitcoin and trade it in for real cash – all while playing a wide selection of fun mobile and desktop games.

In other words, downloading ZEBEDEE is pretty much a no-brainer. Head to the ZEBEDEE site to find out more and get involved.

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