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Zelda-lite Adventure Knightin’+ Is Out Now on Android

Knightin’+, the “Zelda-lite” adventure game from publisher Crescent Moon Games, is out now on the Google Play Store.

Developed by single-hander studio Ratalaika Games, Knightin’+ is a retro dungeon-crawler presented in an 8-bit style, complete with pixel-art visuals and chiptune sounds.

Gameplay-wise, it sees you exploring four distinct dungeons, each of which has a boss to defeat. As you progress you’ll unlock new abilities, solve puzzles, kill monsters, discover magical artifacts, and of course acquire tons of loot.

Knightin’+ is already available on PC and consoles, where it has mixed reviews. Players seem to like it more than critics, who praise its presentation and tongue-in-cheek tone but bemoan its simplicity.

If you want to try Knightin’+ out for yourself, you can download it for $3.99 right now on the Google Play Store.

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