Zen Pinball’s Marvel pinball series breaks out into Civil War with a new table

Back in October we talked about a new table heading to Zen Pinball THD as part of the ongoing Marvel series of tables called Civil War. Well this table is now available for purchase and download from within Zen Pinball THD and will have players choosing whether to side Iron Man in support of the Superhuman Registration Act, or join Captain America in the fight against it.

This new pinball table is based off of the recent comic mini-series from Marvel and after picking which side you support, you will be trying to win the support of other superheroes to your chosen cause. Just like all of the tables that arrive for Zen Pinball THD, you can expect a plethora of ramps, bonuses and animations which are all wrapped up in some great visuals. In fact this is probably one of the bigger tables in terms of content considering that there are two sides, one of which you have to choose to support. Based on your choice, the entire table chances to reflect that choice.

If you’re ready to take sides and face off in a civil war with other superheroes, then open up Zen Pinball and grab the table to play it. If you don’t have Zen Pinball THD, you can download it off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Link: Zen Pinball THD

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