Zenless Zone Zero CBT3 Starts Soon! Here’s What You Need to Know

The feature image for news on Zenless Zone Zero CBT3 has 2 characters smiling against the backdrop of a busy city. with the words "tuning test starts soon" written on it.

Zenless Zone Zero gets busy because April 18th is the first day of CBT3! Pack and leave for New Eridu- Zenless Zone Zero’s next closed beta test is almost here.

The action starts on April 18th, 2024, at 11:00 UTC+8. Gamers on PC, iOS, and Android can take this test. If you signed up to be a tester, check your email. That’s where you’ll find out if you got into the beta period.

HoYoverse hasn’t revealed how they’ll be picking CBT3 participants just yet. But if past sign-ups are any indication, it’ll likely be a random selection from a pool of registered players.

PlayStation 5 users, don’t worry! A week after Android users, you’ll be able to discover New Eridu on your own. The PS5 technology test starts on April 25th, 2024, at the same time (11 a.m. UTC+8).

What To Expect?

The Zenless Zone Zero is still being developed, but CBT3 lets us see what HoYoverse has in store. They will most likely want your opinion on the game so they can improve it before it comes out later this year.

You can expect a fresh face in the Criminal Investigation team, Zhu Yuan, who brings a new perspective. Additionally, the powerful Bangboo chain attack adds a strategic layer to battles.

The Amplifying Test will further test players’ skills with the Shiyu Defense challenge and combat tasks. The improved Hollow Board system lets players jump straight into boss fights.

Beyond combat, New Eridu offers a vibrant city experience with stories and activities to explore during downtime. The tale of Zenless Zone Zero takes place in the busy city of New Eridu, full of life and secrets. You will be a Proxy who can help people get through this dangerous new world.

To stay updated, keep track of their official website!

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