HoYoverse Makes an Appearance at Gamescom 2023 With New Zenless Zone Zero Gameplay

feature image for our zenless zone zero gameplay news, the image features a screenshot from the latest gameplay video of the player's character talking to a character called Asha outside of an arcade that has a retro arcade machine outside

Well, the Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live has been and gone – but there are tons of announcements yet to come. However, we’re here today to talk about none other than Zenless Zone Zero.

It was fantastic to see HoYoverse appear during the Opening Night event, with brand-new Zenless Zone Zero gameplay. Even Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact popped in! 

Curious about Zenless Zone Zero, visit the game’s official website.

Was There a Console Port Announcement at Gamescom 2023?

Yesterday, we reported that there were some speculations circulating about a possible Zenless Zone Zero console port – and that it could be announced during Gamescom Opening Night. 

While such an announcement wasn’t made, we were still treated to some fresh new gameplay to ramp up the hype for HoYoverse’s upcoming title. 

The New Gameplay

From the footage, Zenless Zone Zero looks to be set in a more realistic and familiar setting than their other games. We’re shown an arcade, city streets, a bus, a convenience store, a restaurant/bar, shops, and more. 

It all looks fantastic, and it’s certainly made us want to explore the world.

Not only that, but the characters also look brilliant, with carefully thought-out individual styles that ooze charisma. Following on, we see a fun-looking arcade game, a mobile phone feature (similar to Honkai Star Rail), and some action-packed combat. 

Now, we’ve already seen combat previews over the past few months, but battles continue to look better and better each time.

Is There a Release Date for Zenless Zone Zero?

Still, it was nice to see additional features that are going to be implemented into the game ahead of the launch date. On the topic of a launch date, sadly still don’t have an official announcement for that just yet. 

The general consensus is that it’ll be out sometime in 2024, but we’re secretly hoping that it could get a launch towards the end of 2023.

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