Zenonia 3 for Android already out in Korea? We’re still waiting on Zenonia 2!

So, we have been waiting for Zenonia 2 for awhile now and although we got confirmation from Gamevil that it will be out for Android in the coming weeks, it hasn’t arrived yet. However, interestingly enough, word is that a few lucky people out in Korea are already playing Zenonia 3! While we sit here stewing in jealousy over this, where is Zenonia 2?

The iOS version of Zenonia 3 will be available sometime in early-mid 2011 but as the past has proven before, Zenonia parts have large gaps in time when coming from iOS to Android which is why we are almost getting Zenonia 2 finally in December. Like previous parts of the Zenonia series, Zenonia 3 is apparently 10MB is size (right now) with no Apps2SD support.


Screenshots of the supposed Android version of Zenonia 3 on a Samsung Galaxy and a Desire

While this new addition to the Zenonia series of games is already supposedly out for Android in Korea, it is a safe assumption that it is probably being beta tested, especially with the lack of Apps2SD support. This doesn’t mean we will see it anytime soon though. We are waiting to hear back from Gamevil regarding this and if true… at least we know there is a part 3 coming!

Developer Website: Gamevil

Website Referenced: XDA via Phandroid

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