World of Zenonia Gets A New Teaser, Revealing New Title Zenonia Chronobreak

The featured image for our Zenonia Chronobreak article. The image itself is the game's title, Zenonia Chronobreak, on top of a black background.

In a recently released teaser, Gamevil has revealed that it’s Zenonia MMORPG is not only still in the works, but even has a new title: Zenonia Chronobreak.

The original Zenonia launched way back in 2008 on a range of gaming consoles. A few years later, the studio released the game on Android. Zenonia centres around the game’s protagonist, Regret, trying to find out the cause of his father’s death. The game’s success spawned a series of sequels.

Why Is It Taking So Long?

Gamevil released the last Zenonia game, Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny, all the way back in 2015. It’s been nearly ten years since we’ve seen a new Zenonia game, so what’s been taking so long?

If you’ve followed the RPG series for a while, you’ll remember that Gamevil announced a Zenonia MMORPG back in 2020, five years after Wheels of Destiny. Since this initial announcement, Gamevil went radio silent on the game.

In 2021, Gamevil was reformed into Com2uS Holdings. Although there’s no official confirmation, it’s possible that the developer had to pause the game during this transition period. This is, of course, entirely speculation on our part, so take this theory with a pinch of salt.

Whatever happened, it seems that the development of the Zenonia MMORPG is back on tracks, and is set for a full release. The developer is yet to reveal an official date.

Fan Reaction

We took to Reddit to find out how fans are reacting to the news. The overall reaction seems to be mixed. A few fans expressed their disapointment in the direction of the game, as well as their dread for the NFT aspects.

One Reddit user, @Ahenshihael, writes: “Tale as old as time: Resurrecting a corpse of pretty cool franchise to sell NFTs and crypto. Don’t expect anything good out of Com2Us.”

Contrasting this, some fans are expressing their excitement for the return of the Zenonia series. One user, @DontLoseYourWei, writes “Ayo? Am I gonna see Regret in 4K?”

Read the ongoing discussion on Reddit to see the full fan reaction.

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