Zenonia First Impressions

I decided to write a little article to give Droid Gamers first impressions of this huge title release that just happened today thanks to Gamevil releasing Zenonia today. Needless to say every RPG fan has been waiting for this game to come to Android every since Gamevil announced that it was porting it over. Does it live up to the hype?

So far after playing it for a couple of hours my answer to the above question is yes. This is exactly how RPGs used to be back in the day and a serious RPG title was needed for Android.

The controls are pretty good, the graphics are crisp on my Nexus One and the sounds are so far a welcome addition to playing the game. The storyline starts right off and after a few minutes of reading you’re already running around doing the usual beginner quests that every RPG has.

You can pick your class right away, I chose assassin although I was tempted with selecting a Paladin. Don’t know why but in any RPG game I’ve always played a hybrid class, like in WoW I was a Druid and in other games I’ve pick similar classes. Instead though I went ahead and pick a pure class. There already is a lot to do and between items, leveling, questing and just exploring there is so much depth to this game even if you don’t bother with the storyline (which so far has given me a few good chuckles).

My little assassin can run pretty good too which is nice for moving around in the world. This has been well worth every penny I’ve dropped on this game so far and I really don’t have any complaints at all. I’m going to give this some more solid game play time and I’ll end up writing an official review of the game. The above screen shot isn’t from my game, I’ll post some in our review of it so you can check out my assassin.

For more information and details about this game you can read our breaking news article about it or our original post when we first learned that Zenonia was coming to Android which goes into a lot more detail about the features of this game. So far this is a serious contender to knock Robo Defense off the #1 top paid game spot.

Don’t forget, Zenonia 2 was just released for the iPhone so I would expect to see that hitting Android in the near future so time to get moving!

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