Zeptolabs officially makes Cut The Rope 2 a thing, coming this holiday season

While we have had a couple of spin-offs from the main Cut The Rope game that technically could be considered a sequel due to the very different themes each one has, there hasn’t officially been a Cut The Rope 2 as of yet. That, however, is about to change this holiday season as Zeptolabs confirms that a sequel is on the way.

For those of you not familiar with this franchise, Cut The Rope and its spin-offs are physics-based puzzle games featuring a little monster called Om Nom. This little monster loves candy and it is your job to get the candy to him in each stage. While this sounds easy enough, it quickly gets challenging, especially if you are trying to get a 3-star rating on each stage.

According to the announcement, Cut The Rope 2 will feature new characters, tweaks to the current gameplay mechanics, interactive environments and a brand new storyline. Along with the game’s release, Om Nom will have a second season for its series of animated shorts, called Om Nom Stories, that will be released at around the same time.

As for any specific time frame as to when this game will launch onto Android and iOS, right now Zeptolabs is simply saying this holiday season.

Website Referenced: Polygon

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