Zeptolab updates Cut the Rope with 25 new levels with the DJ Box update

Zeptolab has just announced on their Cut The Rope Twitter account, and pushed to the Google Play store, that the DJ Box update has arrived for their Cut The Rope game on Android. This update brings new levels as well as a new mechanic to the game which you will need to master in order to complete these new levels.

The new DJ Box update brings a total of 25 new levels for you to feed Om Nom the delicious candy you’ve been feeding him all this time. However, to get the best ratings on each level, you’ll have to master the new game mechanic that comes along with this update.

The new mechanic is a turntable one, hence the name DJ Box. This mechanic will have you using revolving turntables in order to get the candy to Om Nom, hopefully while getting all three stars in the process. Along with this mechanic there is also new leaderboards and achievements to earn. If you have the game, the download for the update should be available already for you to grab.

Source: Zeptolab’s Twitter

Google Play Link: Cut The Rope

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