The Zold:Out Release Date Nears As Global Pre-registration Goes Live Today

The featured image for our Zold:Out pre-registration news articcle, featuring some characters from the game dressed in beige attire looking towards the camera.

C4Cat Entertainment, the developer of Dynamix, has launched the Zold:Out global pre-registration, and fans of turn-based RPG’s are scrambling to sign up.

The PC early access version of the game is available right now in China, but pre-registration is for the global version on both PC and mobile.

With the announcement of the Zold:Out global pre-registration, PC and mobile gamers alike will finally have a multi-language version of the game made available to them.

It’s shaping up to be an early 2023 release.

What Is Zold:Out?

Zold:Out is a deck building RPG that utilises semi turn-based gameplay mechanics.

The game focuses on recruiting clerks, forging weapons, and fighting enemies – all while attempting to save the world.

The game encourages you to become creative with your methods and tactics as every action point spent by a character has a lasting effect on the rest of the game.

What’s unique about Zold:Out is that its battlefield mechanic is squareless, allowing you to push your tactics to the limit.

When Is The Zold:Out Release Date?

There’s currently no official Zold:Out release date, however, as pre-registration has just launched, it’s safe to assume the game will release in 2023. If all goes well, you could be playing the game in a few months!


After C4Cat Entertainment announced the official title on Twitter, discussion and conversation on Reddit had many users reacting to the news with delight and enthusiasm, whilst others reacted differently…

On GachaGaming, users complained about the colon placing in the title of the game. Read more on the gachagaming subreddit.

There also seems to be a lack of consistency to the title. Whilst the official Twitter has the game titled Zold:Out Global, Google Play has the game titled Zoldout Global, emmitting the colon. So which one is it?

The inconsistent title remains to confuse the community, but with the release of the game coming up, it’s only a matter of time before the record will finally be set straight.

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