Zombies Fields coming to Android. Combines two great themes: Guns and Zombies.

There are some pretty solid titles for Android that deal with zombies and killing them. Another one will be joining the ranks soon called Zombie Fields by Dreamlords Digital. This is a zombie game in its most primal form. You have guns, zombies are coming at you from everywhere, shoot them and let the blood fly!

This is a top-down 3D shoot-em-up until your fingers get tired and then shoot some more type of game. You’ll be able to upgrade weapons along the way (there are plenty to choose from) and you can pick between a male (Xander Creed) or female (Vera Creed) character to use. They are a pretty badass brother/sister team.


  • Have 2 modes of play: Assault & Survival
  • Three (3) Levels of Difficulty: Easy, Normal and Hard
  • Option to control what types of zombies you will encounter in Survival Mode in various combinations.
  • Play in 12 unique maps, from the very simple to the complex. Get free new maps with updates.
  • Play in two kinds of settings: Day & Night
  • Exciting and unique gameplay with Night Mode wherein you see only where your tactical light shines.
  • Use up to 10 various weapons including semi-auto pistol, magnum revolver, 2 assault rifles, a sub-machine gun, a pump action shotgun, fragmentation grenades, Molotov cocktails and mines. Free new weapons with updates. (Personal favorite in these types of games: Shotgun and Molotov Cocktails).
  • Fight many variants of zombies and undead: Normal Zombie, Lungers, 3 types of Spewers, 3 types of Bloaters, and a Brute.
  • View Top Scores for every category based on a combination of Game Type (Assault or Survival, Difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard), by Score and by Time.
  • Regular Updates: Expect regular updates to bring you new maps, items and weapons.



Screenshots from iOS version. Should be little difference between that and the Android version.

Zombie Fields was just released onto the App Store and is expected to make it to the Android Market in a month’s time (in March) according to the developers. If you like zombie games (who doesn’t) then you’ll definitely want to nab this when it comes out. It’s priced at $0.99 on the App Store so we should see a similar price when it lands on Android.

Developer Website: Dreamlords Digital

Website Referenced: PocketGamer (for the gameplay video)

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