Zynga reveals Solstice Arena, an new MOBA game heading our way soon

Zynga has been doing some soft launches of a few games lately and while this isn’t another soft launch, it is a game that will most likely see one at first before it gets fully released. Zynga is entering the world of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) style games and Solstice Arena will be their debut MOBA title which will be arriving onto multiple platforms in the near future.

Most MOBA games follow the same layout, whether it be the ridiculously popular League of Legends game for PCs or the Gameloft MOBA called Heroes of Order & Chaos, with teams having a certain amount of heroes, usually either 3 or 5, and maps with three ‘lanes’ or paths to move down and hopefully push your way to the enemy team’s base, destroying it.

Solstice Arena will be no different with matches being made up of three heroes per side and multi-lane maps. Other features found in current MOBA titles will also be available in this game including heroes leveling up, unlocking skill upgrades with a skill tree that has three different paths a player can upgrade through, items that can be purchased during matches through money earned will in a match, and a multitude of other customization options.

This game will also have three different game modes for players to battle through with options to play in a sort of single-player style of match against computer A.I opponents. Players can choose to play Solo vs. A.I., Co-op vs. A.I. and Player vs. Player matches.

As for when Solstice Arena will be released, no exact date has been given and the company behind the game, A Bit Lucky, isn’t giving out too many more details right now. When it does launch it will be free-to-play, available for Android, iOS and PC/Mac and it will support cross-platform gameplay. You can learn a little bit more about this game off of the Solstice Arena website as well.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer


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