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Hot Springs Story Review – The strategy game that tests whether your pleasure really is in other people’s leisure…

The news that Kairosoft, the studio behind the marvelous Game Dev Story, was going to release a follow-up couldn’t have found happier ears than mine. I had whiled away many an hour trying to create a best-selling fictional video game on my tiny phone display while real-world Triple-A titles lay untouched by my 360 just across the room.

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Crazy water racing game, Riptide GP, splashes onto Android Tegra 2 devices. Throw some tricks while you’re at it.

One game we have been playing a fair amount of is a great water-based racing game called Riptide GP. This game is developed by a two-man group called Vector Unit who were responsible for bringing a great water racing game to the XBox Live called Hydro Thunder Hurricane. Now you can have console-quality water racing on your Tegra 2 device.