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Colorix HD – It’s Raining Marbles!

It’s raining crystalline marbles! Colorix HD is your hi-res twist on the tried-and-true, “stuff falls from the sky” Tetris-type games, featuring gorgeous visuals and plenty of high-scoring combo options. If you’re fortunate enough to own a newfangled XVGA Android phone, Colorix HD will mesmerize you in short-order.

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Exclusive interview with Trendy Entertainment’s Development Director, Jeremy Stieglitz about Unreal Engine 3, DD:FW and Android

We got a chance to talk to the Development Director, Jeremy Stieglitz, over at Trendy Entertainment, developers of Android’s first Unreal Engine 3 made game, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. We talk about Unreal Engine 3, developing for Android, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave, future plans and pointing your towers at walls.