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Android App Inventor now open for all to use

Good news for everyone who has wanted to try the Android App Inventor by Google but haven’t been able to, you can now! Announced earlier this afternoon on Twitter was the opening of the App Inventor for everyone to use. This means you can head over there now and start mucking around with it and make your first Android App.

Game News

Appoke now offering purchasing using PayPal

Developers and gamers alike might want to check out Appoke, especially after this update. While 3rd party app stores are nothing new, this update to Appoke now offering users the ability to pay for applications and games using PayPal. This feature is supposed to come to the Android Market at some point as well.

Game News

Words with Friends heading to Android soon

New Toy Inc, developers of Words with Friends for iOS and recently purchased by Zynga, are in the works porting over the hit game to Android. This will allow for cross-platform gaming of the Scrabble variety. Lots of people have been wanting this game to come to Android and even though there are similar games for Android, more people know of Words with Friends.