Game News

Tuesday Mid-morning Humor: Evidence that the crew at Spacetime Studios are all crazy, in a good way though.

So with Pocket Legends turning 1 year old this month and the huge celebration going on which includes free access to content that is usually paid, exclusive items and a whole lot more, the crew at Spacetime Studios have released a video to help spread the word and celebrate the 1 year birthday in case detailed patch notes aren’t your thing to read.

Game Reviews

Eternal Legacy Review – Gameloft’s newest Android game has a lot in common with other ones. Is it as good though?

Gameloft seem to be sticking to their current trend in terms of mobile gaming. A lot of recent releases are very similar to well known console games. Gangstar seems to resemble the infamous GTA series, while Dungeon Hunters feels not too dissimilar to Diablo. Same is true for Eternal legacy,with gameplay and style resembling the hugely popular Final Fantasy games.

Hardware News

nVidia hosting Development Webinars for Tegra Android Development. Just in case you were wanting to learn more.

nVidia has just announced that they will be hosting three webinars for people interested in learning more about developing for Tegra Android devices. Naturally the basic theme around the webinars is in regards to creating high-performance graphics for use on the Tegra chipset but these webinars will be presented by other developers as well.