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Uniwar Review

Uniwar is TBS Games’ most recent, and most recently updated turn-based tactics game available now on the Android Market. Featuring rich multiplayer, a familiar Advance Wars style of strategy and a Starcraft theme TBS Games has developed something really compelling here and it’s definitely landed itself on our to-follow list.

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Zynga releases Poker game instead of Farmville first

As you are probably already aware, the Facebook mobile event is going on right now. While there is a lot of information coming from this event related to Android, when it comes to gaming there has been little noise made. Well except the fact that Zynga will be releasing it’s Poker game first instead of Farmville. Why? Find out after the break.

Game News

Pocket Racing Gets OpenFeint [Full List]

With news of increased sales we thought we would take the time to make a special mention to Measured Software’s OpenFeint achievements added to their old-school top-down 2D racer, Pocket Racing. You can grab the newest update from the market on your phone now from the market. Complete list of achievements after the break.