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Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tablet gaming preview

While we are still waiting for our Galaxy Tablet to arrive from Verizon, Droid-Life has been covering it all day and has since made a video showing off some of Android’s most popular games including Fruit Ninja, Reckless Racing, Angry Birds and Flick Kick Football. As stated in the article all the games looks and play amazingly well. Video after the break.

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GameBoid Review – GBA on your phone

If you like the Gameboy Advance’s library you’ll probably like developer zongzh’s GameBoid. It’s simple to set-up, supports every method of control Android does, and it’s easy on the eyes. At a fraction of the cost of Nintendo’s original handheld it’s an easy fix for that meddling Final Fantasy Tactics Advance addiction you had back in the day.

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MoboSquare – Foursquare for application and games?

In our previous post below about a game called SheepRun, we mentioned that it has MoboSquare integrated into it. Not having heard of MoboSquare, we decided to look into it. What we found was actually pretty interesting. Having never been a fan of check-in services like Foursquare personally, MoboSquare is basically Foursquare… for apps and games.