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Namco to bring Pac-Man Kart Rally to Android

Let’s for a second fast forward into the future. You own a sweet Android tablet (or phone) and have been enjoying gaming on it for awhile. While playing a lot of puzzle, shooters, platformers or whatever your cup of tea is, you want a change and feel like playing a racing game but nothing too serious. Enter Pac-Man Kart Rally from Namco…

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Angry Birds full version preview and more info

Rovio was nice enough to send us a early copy of Angry Birds and let me say this right off the start, it has a LOT of content. 150 levels worth of content to be exact not including the Golden Eggs you need to achieve. The UI has been changed a bit as well with expanding/contracting menus on the start page, sliding level selection screens. It is slick.

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Speedball 2: Evolution about to launch on Andorid

Vivid Games and Tower Studios have teamed up to bring you the classic game Speedball 2 made for modern devices in the ‘glory it deserves’. Most gamers have played at least one of the Speedball games in their lifetime and tend to love the classics very much. This will apparently be no exception as “The game will be released in 20th Anniversary of Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe.”

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Angry Birds Update: Multiple Versions?

Well even though Rovio has stated that Angry Birds is still on track for release by the end of this week a new development has come forth in the way of a tip to PocketGamer. Apparently Rovio has a bit of a different plan for the Android version of Angry Birds but not with the gameplay itself as they are keeping it as true to the iPhone version as possible.

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Your Dungeon Defenders questions answered

Yesterday we posted a rather large article about Dungeon Defenders which is being built using the Unreal Engine and is making its way to Android in the near future. Lots of you had questions regarding graphic quality, what version of Android it’ll run on, pricing and when it is slated to be released. Well we went right to the source to find out the answers!

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Mini Army by OrangePixel Review

Orange Pixel, creators of the awesome 4 color retro-style Time Chaos as well as a bunch of other titles return to wow their audience with miniature military mayhem in a classic Snake style game called Mini Army. Do you have what it takes to lead your men into battle? Kill enemies, grow your troops and see how big you can get without losing!

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Deer Hunter 3D by Glu Mobile now available!

Glu Mobile has been doing some serious damage on the Android Market lately but in a good way though. First the release of Transformers G1 followed by Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Today they just released yet another great game called Deer Hunter 3D which, by the title, I’m sure you can guess what type of game this is.