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Replica Island

Even while GDC is going on I can still manage to download and try out new games. One that just got onto the market is called Replica Island by Team Replica which is an open source 2D scrolling shooter game. Sort of like older Mega Man games but with our beloved Android instead of a blue child looking robot.

Game News

Non-Android Related GDC Highlights

Even though we are all about Android gaming, there comes a time when we just have to report on the gaming industry in general (considering that if you like gaming on your phone, chances are you own some sort of console system or a computer game or 2.) Well here is where we will ‘quick list’ the more major announcements coming from GDC 2010. If I miss anything, leave a comment and let me know!

Game News

Game Devs Get Helping Hand

Even though this isn’t directly related to a particular game, it’s important because it helps every game developer out there developing games for Android. Google announces NDK r3 for Android and the main deal with this revision is about OpenGL ES access for developers.

Game Reviews 1

W.W.G.R Mar.1-Mar.7

I don’t know if Stone Jordan got some advice from Aroma Planning on how to make crappy games but it sure seems like it considering the familiarities between the two developers. This week’s review of the worst games currently out are by developer Stone Jordan who has been releasing some sort of picture ‘game’ that displays pictures…and that’s it. These aren’t even games really but since they are posted under the Games section of the market, they get reviewed.

Game News


A new physics type game is out called iDemolished by developer Iauns. The object of the game is to plant explosives and demolish buildings. There are over 60 buildings with 6 kinds of explosives to choose from.

Game News


There’s a new 3D FPS game out on the market called WWII: D-Day which is very Counter-Strike-ish by developer 3D Studio who has come out lately with a lot of 3D FPS games. This game is an online multiplayer game with 2 dedicated servers for online play.