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Warpath by Synthetic Reality is a multiplayer (either human or bots) game that takes place in the future. You can play it as a strategy battle game or a simulation game that doesn’t end. You can colonize uninhabited planets, buy weapons and ships, shop, mine planet, fight and more. This game is still currently in development even though it’s on the market but is actually pretty solid right now with some good graphics and interactive gameplay.

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New Site Features

There’s a bunch of new features now added to this site that I’ve been hard at work on. All of them revolve around giving this site a more community feel to it as well as social network integration (although that’s still in the works on certain levels). There’s a whole bunch to list and a short description for each feature.

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Blow Up

As the name suggests this is another destruction/physics type game that was just released by Camel Games, a popular developer of physics games such as Shoot U!. Blow Up is similar to iDemolished with the fact that it’s a building destruction game that uses explosives to destroy buildings and uses gravity/physics for sway and building parts falling down…you can also blow up a Panda.

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GDC 2010 Award Winners

Well here is another non-android related post but I figured everyone would be interested in the GDC awards and who won what. If you haven’t read this list already of winners you’ll probably be surprised by a few of them and not at all surprised by other winners. Either way congrats to all of them.

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Epic Fail

Well the Epic Press Conference just ended and it wasn’t really a long one either. A brief mention about the iPhone getting the Unreal Engine at some point soon was one announcement they made. Also they showed a game called APB (All Points Bulletin). However, any news about Android…didn’t happen.

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Gamevil releases Zenonia RPG

Well all the RPG fanatics out there can have one more thing to rejoice about because Gamevil is planning to release it’s RPG hit game Zenonia to Android devices in March. If you think Gamevil sounds familiar, it is. That’s because they developed the widely popular games Baseball Superstars 2008 & 2009 as well as developing other popular games across other platforms such as the iPhone and WM.

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GDC 2010 Demo Videos


So I figured while I wait for more Android related announcements during GDC that I would post a collection of the game demo videos released so far at GDC for everyone to enjoy. If I’ve missed one, please feel free to comment and let me know or just comment on what games you like so far.

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Vacuum Beta Review

Having dived into this game for almost a week now I can safely say this is a fun game to play. For a beta version it’s pretty polished and ready to ship onto the Android market. Vacuum by Door-6 is a neat concept as it takes the tunnel style games to another level by having global rankings and cash prizes.

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Flight Frenzy

In the spirit of line drawing games where you control an items path with the line you draw such as in Flight Director comes another game similar to it called Flight Frenzy by Big Fun Games. Like Flight Director, you control the fate of airships (and their passengers) by plotting a course for it to land safely while trying not to crash into the other airships you’re controlling.