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Pocket Empires MMO

Pocket Empires, developed by Pocket Play, is a MMO-strategy game where you build your empire, conquer others, capture creatures and expand your domain. You have two countries to choose from on the Beta server with another server coming soon. This is your standard strategy game where you build and conquer but with nice graphics and some animation too.

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D.G. Edition Nexus One

For anyone who knows me, they know I talk to a lot of people over at Google about various things when it comes to Android. I’ve been working with them on a project and until now I haven’t been able to say a word about it. Well the project is finally done and we here at Droid Gamers are proud to announce the Droid Gamers edition of the Nexus One on sale now.

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Vacuum Compeition Begins!

Unless you’ve just gotten your Android phone over the past week, you probably have heard about Vacuum by Door-6 and the competition they are hosting for cash prizes with the top prize being $500. Well practice time is over as today marks the first day of official competition! Here’s a few tips to help you get started.

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Tower Raiders Gold

I’ve been keeping my eye on this tower defense game since it’s official (non-beta) release a little over a month ago and seen it’s popularity grow substantially. Tower Raiders GOLD (also a Black version for pre-2.0 Android devices) by Gianormous Games calls itself the best Tower Defense game for Android and they could very well be right.

Game Reviews

W.W.G.R. Mar.24-Mar.31

I’ve kind of slacked off about keeping up with the Weekly Worst Game Review, not that their hasn’t been enough to review, just been busy writing about other games and getting our first contest organized. Developer Brainmelt GmbH, however, has pulled me out of this slacking off to talk about his awesome new game nicely titled Amateur Housewives.

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Multi-Game Giveaway Preview!

This is by no means our official announcement for our giveaway but we are just so excited here at Droid Gamers to be hosting our first contest/giveaway that we wanted to give everyone a sneak preview of some of the sponsors and prizes along with some hints on how you can win a copy of a game from one of our sponsors for free!

Game News

Indie Game: CastleGuard2

Indie game developer Dave Young just released his RPG title CastleGuard2 onto the Android market. This is a 3D RPG using the ShiVa 3D engine which continues to impress me with what developers are doing with it in regards to games for Android. I had previously thought that Dvide Arts would be the first company to release games using the ShiVa 3D engine but I was wrong.

Game Features

Door-6 CEO Interview

The Vacuum competition being held by Door-6 will be starting in 2 days so we thought what a perfect time to interview our friend, Jeremy Shafton CEO of Door-6. If you haven’t heard about the competition, this is the first one to be held with cash prizes on the Android platform with the top prize being $500.

Game News

Distinctive Developments LTD

Distinctive Developments LTD are the developers of a really cool pool game called Anytime Pool. This is a cross-platform social pool game where you can play against anyone who’s online whether on the iPhone, Android or PC as well as Facebook. If you don’t feel like going head-to-head with someone though there is also single player mode where you can go against 14 other characters.

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Game News Recap & Preview

This week has been a pretty amazing week not just for games on the android platform but also because CTIA happened this week with some great phones being announced. Here’s a highlight of what happened this week as well as a preview of some upcoming game news and announcements you can expect to see here.