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Interview with Game Gripper creator Hyrum Fairbanks – Exclusive info on upcoming product

Hyrum Fairbanks’ love of gaming cost him his job, but that’s ok. In less than a year, he went from working a thankless job at a gas company to spearheading his Salt Lake City-based cottage industry making gaming on smart phones much less tedious. Fairbanks sits down with Droid Gamers and talks about Game Gripper, their start and a new product.

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ngmoco drops Pocket God onto Android

ngmoco:) today announced the first game they will be publishing on Android and although we were slightly off in our prediction as to what that game would be (we though it would be We Rule), it is still a pretty big title. Pocket God, developed by Bolt Creative, is a very popular game for iOS and it has now made the trip to Android.