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Dvide Arts Release Update

A lot of people are eagerly awaiting Dvide Arts release of Crusade of Destiny and Welcome to Hell and have been curious about when it will be hitting the Android market. Well I just heard back from Dvide Arts with their statement regarding the release of these two great looking game titles.

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Shopper’s Paradise

Shopper’s Paradise by developer Awesome Android Apps (a.k.a. Second Gear Games) is a cool tycoon style strategy game where you start with a small shop with the goal of becoming a retail tycoon that was released onto the Android market March 1 which also has some tower defense style game play.

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Online Spill Market

Online Spill is more of an application then a game as it’s an Android Alternative Market app (listed in the games section) that deals strictly in games. You can purchase the full version of some big named titles like Sims 3, Guitar Hero World Tour, Bejeweled just to name a few. However, this is strictly geared towards Norwegian Android owners since you need to have a Norwegian Sim Card in your phone to use it.

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LineUp by LabPixies

Block Breaking games (tap a block that has 3 or more matching colored adjacent to it) don’t really stand out in quality usually however LineUp by LabPixies is one of the few exceptions. It’s been out for just over a month on the Android market and it’s too bad I just found it now because it was updated instead of when it was released.

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Shadow Zone Review

Shadow Zone by NewGround is a turn based strategy game set in 1986 when Chernobyl’s 4th block has an accidental nuclear explosion and the area is sealed off. This game boasts 40+ hours of game play so it’s definitely not a short game you’ll be done with in a couple of hours. Now that I’ve gotten some real play time with this game, here is our review of it.

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ShiVa3D supports Android

ShiVa3D by Stonetrip is a 3D gaming engine that has been used on pc and console based games for awhile now as well as used by many popular iPhone games. Stonetrip just announced they have included Android support with their Android Authorizing Tool which has just been released in it’s beta phase.

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Battle for Mars Update

Battle for Mars by Larva Labs just received an update with a great feature…multiplayer! Now you can play against other people in this great turn based strategy game and multiplayer has Shroud of War enabled which means you can’t see where your enemy is until they are right on you (or the other way around).

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Vacuum v1.0 is out!

Vacuum by Door-6 has been in Beta for a short while now with only us press people having a whack at it but the wait has ended. Vacuum has landed on the Android market along with all the cash prize details which start April 1st so you have some time to practice up and get ready to try to win some cash (and it’s a good amount too!).

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Pointers for Devs

Better Game Promotion

This isn’t to say I know everything there is to know about when it comes to promoting your game but as a developer myself, I do have a few tips to game developers (and developers of apps as well) that will certainly help promote your game and probably make a difference in whether or not someone buys/downloads your game.