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Distinctive Developments LTD

Distinctive Developments LTD are the developers of a really cool pool game called Anytime Pool. This is a cross-platform social pool game where you can play against anyone who’s online whether on the iPhone, Android or PC as well as Facebook. If you don’t feel like going head-to-head with someone though there is also single player mode where you can go against 14 other characters.

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Game News Recap & Preview

This week has been a pretty amazing week not just for games on the android platform but also because CTIA happened this week with some great phones being announced. Here’s a highlight of what happened this week as well as a preview of some upcoming game news and announcements you can expect to see here.

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Zenonia RPG Review

I feel after giving Zenonia a bunch of playtime so far that I can do a good review of this huge game release by Gamevil. This game is massive (40+ hours not including if you want to get to lvl99) as well with a ridiculous amount of detail and polish. I picked up my copy the moment it hit the Android market and I’ve been playing it on and off as much as I can between working, it’s addictive.

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Racing Live by Storm8

Well it didn’t take long for my suspicions to come true. Just after posting about iMobsters, Storm8 releases another one of their big MMORPGs called Racing Live. This particular one is also a port of their iPhone version and boasts 4.2 million other players whom you can race against live according to Storm8.

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Well it seems Storm8 has released yet another one of their popular RPG games onto the Android market called iMobsters. This game boats 1.6 million players already and a pretty smooth interface. This is a MMORPG so you’ll be up against all the other players trying to become the reigning mob boss.

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Puzzle Wars Beta

Should you, for some reason, need a break from playing Zenonia already but don’t really want to give up the RPG goodness then there is always Puzzle Wars by Vandigames. Puzzle Wars is a blend of RPG and Puzzle Combat (match 2 blocks of the same type to do actions) style game play and is actually a pretty looked over game.

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Blocks Battle Online

Blocks Battle Online, by developer Cloudroid, is a battle Tetris style game for Android. Compete against other players in battle Tetris goodness that’s been available for just over a month now and sports all kinds of features from avatars to item to use against opponents.

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Zenonia First Impressions

I decided to write a little article to give Droid Gamers first impressions of this huge title release that just happened today thanks to Gamevil releasing Zenonia today. Needless to say every RPG fan has been waiting for this game to come to Android every since Gamevil announced that it was porting it over. Does it live up to the hype?

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Breaking News: Zenonia

Zenonia by Gamevil has finally been released onto the Android market! This is one of those games every RPG fan has been waiting for and it’s finally out. This game has a lot of features and boasts 40+ hours of straight game play not including character leveling should you want lvl99.