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Parallel Kingdom A.O.E.

Parallel Kingdom: Age of Emergence was released this month by developer PerBlue and brings a cool twist to the typical GPS games available on the Android market. For one you have a radius in which you can move your character without actually having to move unlike most GPS games which need you to physically move to accomplish things.

Game News

World War by Storm8

World War, by developer Storm8, is one of their many popular RPGs ported over from the iPhone to Android that boasts 2.8 million players already across multiple platforms now. You can battle other players live or work on making your country an even stronger superpower then it already is in between fights.

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iDracula by Chillingo

While I was checking over my usual Android news websites that I go to every morning for good reading while drinking coffee I stumbled onto a forum post over at Android and Me about a game called iDracula by Chillingo. Saw the screens of it and it got my interest so I downloaded it onto my G1 to give it a whirl. iDracula is a top-down shooter game with power-up and all sorts of goodies.

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zGhost for Android

zGames just released their ghost game called zGhost onto the Android Market. This game is massive in size when compared to the rest of the games on the market (the download is 18.8MB) and is an augmented reality game where you use your camera to see ghosts around you. Sound familiar? It should because we’ve written about a similar game that’s on it’s way to Android.

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Leonard Frog Beta

Leonard Frog, by developer Masrlinu, is a frogger style game that’s been out since the beginning of January and has since then gotten a couple of big updates. This game is an Android port of the very popular iPhone version and points some new twists into the Frogger genre with things like power-ups.

Game News

Treasure Hunt Beta

If you don’t feel like purchasing Paradise Quest to fulfill your desire to play match 3 or more object removing puzzle style games then you can always check out the beta release of Treasure Hunt by PajeSystems. It has a neat little storyline behind it and the basic idea of the game is to match 3 or more of the same colored treasure chests in order to get back the gold the Pirates stole from you.

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Paradise Quest SD and HD

I-Play who has developed a few games in the past for Android and also runs a rather popular online gaming site (mostly flash games with some that you can download) just released Paradise Quest in two flavors, SD and HD, to cover every device and their different screen sizes. This game is the whole match 3 or more of the same object to get rid of them type puzzle game but with a whole lot more to it.

Game News

Dvide Arts Release Update

A lot of people are eagerly awaiting Dvide Arts release of Crusade of Destiny and Welcome to Hell and have been curious about when it will be hitting the Android market. Well I just heard back from Dvide Arts with their statement regarding the release of these two great looking game titles.

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Shopper’s Paradise

Shopper’s Paradise by developer Awesome Android Apps (a.k.a. Second Gear Games) is a cool tycoon style strategy game where you start with a small shop with the goal of becoming a retail tycoon that was released onto the Android market March 1 which also has some tower defense style game play.