Game News

Super KO Boxing! 2

Glu Mobile, who has produced some really great games for Android since it’s beginning, has released Super KO Boxing! 2 onto the Android market. This game features some great graphics, signature moves, and different gameplay modes and comes in two flavors: Paid or Free. The Free version, however, is actually the full game just ad supported!

Game News

GalaxIR For Android

GalaxIR, developed by MeryoDev, is an interesting little game which is still currently being developed. The developer has released a beta version basically. This game is like super speed Risk but instead of countries you are conquering planets as fast as you can. You start off with one planet and by the end of the game either you have all of them or you’re dead.

Game News

Gravity Fights Update

Fadosoft has been hard at work updating their game, Gravity Fights. While most users found the game to work perfectly, some, such as myself, couldn’t get things to move. Whether this was a fault of my own or of my N1, Fadosoft worked on the controls of the game. After playing it for a bit longer, the controls have been greatly improved it seems.

Game Reviews

DynamoKid Touch Review

Our friends over at OrangePixel sent us a copy of their persistent scrolling platform game called DynamoKid Touch to review last week. As with all of our full reviews, we like to take our time playing the game giving it some good gameplay before coming up with our final verdicts. After playing this game for about a week I will say this: Addicting.

Game News

Winds of Steel 3D

I don’t think I’ve seen this type of game available for Android just yet, I could be wrong though. Winds of Steel is a 3D war game where you are a pilot running missions in certain time periods in history. There is everything from dogfights to bombing missions and a blend of both as well as special moves you can do while flying to dodge getting shot down.

Game News

Zeemote SDK For Android

It would seem as though the peripheral market for Android gaming is starting to mature more and more. First we have the Game Gripper, a great little addition to anyone with a Motorola Droid (and other Android phones coming in the near future) and now we have an announcement that Zeemote has released an SDK for Android game developers.

Game News

Virus Effect RPG Beta

Take 2 parts 2D graphics, 2 parts platform shooter, 1 part RPG, shake vigorously and pour into chilled glass, add 1 cherry and a slice of orange to finish it off and what do you get? Virus Effect by Corv Studios LLC. Virus Effect, if you haven’t guessed by now, is a platform shooter/RPG title offering a unique style of game play that has yet to be seen on Android.

Game News

LabPixies Bought By Google

Google takes another step forward in it’s quest to take gaming on the Android platform seriously by purchasing LabPixies. LabPixies was one of the first companies to start building gadgets for iGoogle and shortly after the release of the Android OS started building games and apps. Currently they have 4 puzzle games and one app available on the Android market.

Game News

Caligo Chaser RPG

A new RPG game landed on the Android market called Caligo Chaser, developed by Com2US, which features a more hack n’ slash style of game play and some really good graphics. The entire game features a huge amount of skill combinations, items, NPCs and much much more and is an great addition to the RPG genre for our Android devices.

Game News

Sky Force Reloaded

Infinite Dreams Inc, developers of the great arcade shooter Sky Force, didn’t waste any time porting the sequel of Sky Force to Android named Sky Force Reloaded. Just like it’s predecessor, Sky Force Reloaded offers up a whole lot of arcade action with great graphics in the same 3D-ish style which includes environment interaction and weather.