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Runes MMORPG – Beta II

Forced into exile, the Corynthian Mages land on a forsaken island, Kaliend, where they are welcomed as saviors by the natives believing that they’ll bring back an age of wealth and glory. Soon internal disputes between Mages will however kindle a war without mercy. To prevent the whole situation from turning into total chaos, an ancient custom is brought back to life, forcing the Mages to stop using magic outside of specially designed arenas until one of them is designed as a leader. The struggle has begun, the factions raise their champions to emerge victorious and change the fate of Kaliend.


Mystique Chapter 2: The Child Walkthrough

With the advent of Mystique Chapter 3: Obitus coming out shortly, it would be good to get through both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Here’s is the walkthrough for Chapter 2 written by someone named Jorge and posted on a forum by Gekkota. (I tried to fix all the spelling errors but I probably missed some).

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Weekly Worst Game Review

One of the lovely features on this site will be a review, once a week, of that weeks worst game that has been released to our beloved Android Market. Since this is our first installment, it’s been decided to kick it off with one of the big players who has tried hard to produce not just one, but a series of terrible games.