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Chess Rush Review – Turbo Mode Makes All the Difference

Chess Rush

Tencent’s take on Auto Chess is a very focused effort. These enormous developer knew going in that it didn’t want to break the wheel – it just wanted to provide a version that’s best suited to mobile.

So while Dota Underlords will likely sit at the top, alongside the official Auto Chess, on PC, Chess Rush might well take the throne on mobile.

And that’s entirely down to the genius of Turbo Mode. When you’re playing on PC, you likely won’t mind the lengthy 40 plus minute playing sessions this deeply strategic experience demands.

But on mobile, the majority of us play games that provide us a few minutes of fun while we wait for something. The solution? Turbo Mode.

Chess Rush is Auto Chess As You Know and Love it, Just With Turbo Mode and Co-Op

Turbo Mode reduces that 40 minute play time into a mere 10 minutes. It achieves this by reducing your health and increasing the mana you gain each round.

The result is a much faster-paced experience that doesn’t actually compromise on the gameplay. It’s the exact same experience, just faster. So all of the strategies you’ve developed so far will still work.

Then there’s the co-op mode, Tencent’s other contribution to the genre. Again, this is a stroke of genius as Tencent understands that mobile is a very social platform.

Mobile gamers love playing with others – simply take a glance at any of the top charts and you’ll see multiplayer titles like Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, and Brawl Stars sitting at the top.

We Think it’s Better Suited to Mobile Than Many of its Competitors

So providing a co-operative option that sits alongside the competitive mode gives those of us that play with our friends an option to do so in this huge emerging genre.

We won’t dig deep into the gameplay as Chess Rush doesn’t do anything differently from any other Auto Chess-likes. You’ll still select and field heroes into a custom formation each round and watch them battle other players until you’re the last one standing or you get knocked out.

In terms of presentation, Chess Rush is up there with the best of them though. We’d probably still give Dota Underlords the visual edge, which is to be expected when you have the might of Valve behind you, but Chess Rush is still an absolutely gorgeous game.

There’s no pay to win either, as the small pool of IAPs is limited to cosmetics right now. You can purchase new characters and arenas and that’s about it really.

Chess Rush Might Take Over as the Big Auto Chess on Mobile

Overall, we find it pretty easy to recommend Chess Rush to mobile gamers. Out of the lot of them, it most understands how we like to spend our time, thanks to Turbo Mode’s fast-paced battles and co-op mode’s focus on social play.

Despite that, it still features the classic Auto Chess experience for those that like to take their time, so you really can’t go wrong.

Chess Rush is More Mobile Friendly Than the Rest

Chess Rush doesn't reinvent the wheel – it just makes it more mobile friendly. Thanks to Turbo Mode and co-op, Chess Rush could become the biggest Auto Chess on mobile.


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