Counter Game Review: A game about watching time go by… literally

Infinite_Apps is known for their Android apps like Buzz Sound, Coin Flip, Dice Roll and more. The closest they have come to releasing an actual game was Tap n’ Tap, where players try to tap as many times as possible in a given time limit. Now, Infinite_Apps has released Counter Game, so here we are.

Counter Game challenges players to stop the timer within the last ten milliseconds of a ten second count. While this premise is unique, I have a very hard time defining this as a “game”.

– Please indulge me and try this on your phone or computer.
– Press/Click the center of your screen
– Wait 9.9 seconds
– Press/Click the center of your screen again

You have now learned how to play Counter Game without actually playing it…

I may not have been able to make it past a score of One myself (see very top image regarding my skill), but that is not why I dislike this game as much as I do. Games are meant to be time killers, but here the object of the game is to watch time pass at ten seconds a shot. I can think of no other app that would be as boring, unless it was to watch paint dry or grass grow (although I’m pretty sure there are apps for that).

This was a ‘good’ try in the game department and I applaud the start by Infinite_Apps for starting with something so small to ease themselves in the gaming door. Better luck to on the next one Infinite_Apps.

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