Myth Defense Light Forces Review: One great tower defense game

I should start off saying I am not a big tower defense game player but when I saw this game, I was intrigued by the name, logo, and the few screenshots I saw. After playing the game for a while, I have really came to like this game and definitely is one to be considered, especially if you like  tower defense games.

Title: Myth Defense Light Forces | Developer: Smartpix Games | Genre: Tower Defense | Players: 1 | Size: 9MB | Version: 1.1.5 | Price: Free | $3.95 (Full)

Myth Defense Light Forces by Smartpix Games provides a very unique and enjoyable tower game. If you read the reviews of it in the Android Market, you will see most folks love the game. I have to agree with them. Myth Defense Light Forces has most of the components in a game that I want to see. They are:

  • Great graphics
  • Smooth game play
  • Ability to pause and resume a game
  • A “helpful” help section
  • Tons of options in the game via unique power ups or customizations


Other nice features are:

  • Numerous language options
  • Free version so you can try before buying
  • Ability to zoom in and out on the battlefield
  • Ability to speed up the game
  • Ability to replay the level
  • Hall of Fame area


The game is broken up into two sections, battles and campaign. You start off Myth Defense doing various battles. For each battle, you can set the hardness factors (number of enemies in a wave and how many waves per battle) and the landscape. After successfully completing a battle, you can earn GP and artifacts. GP is used in the shop (located in the Citadel) to purchase different items such as heavy arrows, improved gunpowder, and so one.

There are 3 types of artifacts you can earn. By earning each type and then combining them in the Alchemy Lab (also located in the Citadel) you can create different types of runes. Runes can be used to increase damage, tower ranges, and so on.

Conclusion: With the earning of GPs and artifacts, players can create a huge number of variations in their game(s), making Myth Defense Light Forces an extremely fun, entertaining, and engaging game. So if you like tower defense games, head over to the Android market and download the free copy, or unlock the campaign mode by purchasing the full version.

Editor’s Note: Just want to say welcome to another one of our new reviewers, Larry Sullivan. I’m sure all our readers will make him feel right at home.

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