Random Factor Mahjong Pro game review: A top quality Mahjong game for Android

One of the first games I ever played on my computer was Mahjong. It has become one of my favorite puzzle games. So when I get my DroidX, I decided to look for a Mahjong game to download. So how does this particular Majong game stack up against the plethora of other ones available?

Title: Random Factor Mahjong Pro | Developer: Paul Burkey | Genre: Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: 1.0.7 | Size: 4.8MB | Price: Free (Lite) | $1.94 (Full)

There are a ton of different Mahjong games out there and believe me I tried a good number of them, but the one that has stuck with me the longest is Random Factor Mahjong Pro by Paul Burkey. Mahjongg can be a very complicated or “busy” game, so the game graphics play a very critical role in how well the game plays.

Random Factor Mahjong Pro has excellent graphics. In game options, you can vary the tile appearance, which helps but what I really like is that as you remove tiles, the game will zoom in on the remaining tiles, making it even easier to see.

Overall game play is very smooth and there are a ton of options. In the game you can:

  • Vary the tile colors, backgrounds
  • Ability to turn on/off, header and footer bars
  • Pause the game
  • Take back a move
  • Shuffle remain tiles when you run out of moves



The game has a nice help section which clearly explains all that is going on. The music is very appropriate for the game and can be muted if you want. Another nice feature of the game is that you can pick your difficulty level, easy, medium, hard on the standard game. There is also a quick game option, where you can use a preset or custom level (custom allows you to pick difficulty and number of tiles). As you play and win on different levels, you earn “lives” which you use to complete a difficult level. When you run out of moves on a level, you lose a life.  You can keep going on that level until you run out of “lives”.

Random Factor Mahjong Pro is one of the best Mahjong games that I have found online for Android. It is visually appealing, easy to pickup and learn, and has many in game options to provide an enjoyable, lasting gaming experience. So if you are a Mahjong player you can pick up the Pro version (ad-free and features auto-rotate landscape/portrait mode) or the free version from the Android Market. It is also available in the Amazon App Store.

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