GT Racing Motor Academy HD review – Petrol fuelled addiction

Turn on your ignition, hit the pedal and prepare for screeching tires as you peel off of the start line in this brilliant racing game brought to you by Gameloft. Get ready for one of the best racing games to hit Android to date and our review of it.

Price: $4.99 or £3.  Size: 7.34 MB’s plus 145 MB’s Additional download.   Players: 1 player, up to 6 online.


  • Mix of race, rally and drag racing tracks.
  • Over 100 lincenced cars.
  • Online multiplayer.
  • Arcade and career modes.


Gameplay: I was blown away by this game. By far the best racing simulation game on android. The depth of this game is what sets it head and shoulders above the rest. Having the ability to upgrade and further tweat things like your downforce and weight distribution is mind boggling for a mobile phone game. With a choice of over 100 cars and heaps of tracks, its hard to see where this game could possibly go wrong.

When entering races, you have a wide choice of directions you can go in. You could enter the GT Touring Championships with your chosen car and earn some credits, another option is to enter the Driver Contract section and race a pre-selected car against the same car or a mixed grid. There is also a choice of contructors races and special invitational events.

Controls: Usually for me, the whole tilting the phone to turn corners doesn’t really work, but you’ll find that this is very responsive and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. After I turned the sensitivity down, I found the steering on par with the likes of Need For Speed Shift. The overall controls for the whole game are of a very high quality and because of this you’ll find its very hard to get bored of trying to throw a Bugatti Veyron through a succession of S-bends at 150 MPH.

Graphics and Sound: This game is a huge piece of eye candy for petrol heads. I found myself funneling through the car list, looking at every car within the game because i was stunned at how good they all look. All the cars in the game are stunning and one of my personal favorites is the Ferrari California, I think once you’ve seen that car within the game, it really sets the tone for the quality you will undoubtedly enjoy to the max. The way the menu in career mode is set out really looks droolingly good and i honestly can’t find one part of this game that I think doesn’t look good.

When it comes to the sound in the game, the soundtrack has an excellent selection of songs and is very high quality.Hearing the engine roar as you throw your chosen car through the corners is probably the most enjoyable part of the in game sound.  Although the soundtrack is good and the car sound effects are a joy to hear, now and again I found the engine sound would drop out on certain cars and at certain speeds which is annoying but you can’t expect everything to be perfect.

Overall: What can I say but wow! This game has really ticked all the boxes for my petrol fuelled addiction. Excellent selection of car, career mode with a lot of depth,  old fashion drag strips and the ability to tune any car in the game really makes this stand out by miles. I really hope this pushes the development of more in depth racing sims because so far no racing game comes close to this. If you love cars as much as I do, this will fill your android racing needs and then some. No more talk, just buy.

Remember, Gameloft games are not available on the Android Market and are not compatible with every Android device. Head over to the Gameloft store to see if your device is compatible and for purchasing GT Racing Motor Academy HD.

Rating: 4.8/5

Developer Website: Gameloft

Direct Market Link: N/A


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