The Jumping Electrons Review- An Electrifying Game for Android

When I saw the name of this game, Jumping Electron. I was intrigued. Having a degree in Chemistry, I thought this game would be right up my alley.  Jumping Electrons is fun arcade type game with a bit of a flare for the technically inclined.

Name: Jumping Electron HD | Developer: Finmouse | Genre: Action & Arcade | Players: 1 | Version: 1.0.3 | Size: 19 MB | Price: Free |

When I first saw Jumping Electron, I said to myself, “this will be easy”. I was pleasantly wrong. The premise of the game is simple. Guide your electron through the course to reach the light bulb at the end, so it can light up. Along the way, there are a number of obstacles you need to avoid. When you hit start, the timer begins and your electron starts to roll. To guide the electron you can tilt your device and/or tap on the screen to have it jump. Having a steady hand and good timing will help you advance further than did.

The game comes with 2 chapters,the radio and jukebox, each with 20 levels. The levels are locked so you need to start at 1 and work your way through them. For each level you can earn up to three stars and collect volts. Volts are the in game currency. With volts you can purchase a number of items such as level boosters, extra energy. You can also purchase them with real money. The game also has 3 difficulty settings and Open Feint support. I played the HD version of the game and the graphics were very good and I did not experience any major bugs or issues.


Overall Jumping Electron is a fun, challenging arcade game. It is one that will probably take some practice to get good at. I found the normal difficulty level challenging enough. One thing I did not see but would like to, is an explanation of the different types of obstacles. If you just touch anything during your run, your electron is drained. The game is free so you should give the game a try. There are ads but I did not find them a problem in the HD version. From the Google Play page, the developer indicates that more levels are coming, which is always a good thing.

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