My Hospital puts you in charge of patient’s health in a new time management game

A cute little time management game wrapped in a Farmville shell is what My Hospital is like. Running a hospital doesn’t seem like much fun when you think about it, but it’s bright and cartoony graphics make this game enjoyable.

You play as the head of a small hospital, tasked with healing sick patients, adding doctors and expanding your facilities. You place doctors in your hospital that have different specialties like appetite, skin and tummy doctors. Each doctor needs specific elixirs or syrups to cure their patients. Creation of these happen in your lab. You use the elixir and syrup mixers to make the raw materials, then drag and drop them over the test tube makers. You will have to wait a little while before you can claim your finished product or use gems to speed up the process. Think of it like planting wheat or corn in Farmville, then harvesting.

There is a Facebook login option, so if your friends are playing you can visit their hospitals and see what it looks like. There are also novelty items to dress up your place, like plants, vending machines, and chairs. Don’t let the hospital theme discourage you from this game. It’s cute look and feel make it enjoyable to play. And if you are familiar with Farmville style games, you will pick this up quickly. My Hospital is available for free to download and play.Trailer at the bottom!

BUILD YOUR HOSPITAL -Construct and manage your own hospital. Build doctor’s offices, diagnostic rooms, the treatment centre and laboratories. Expand and upgrade your hospital and share it with friends!

CREATE UNIQUE CURES – Farm and harvest plants with healing properties, produce dozens of elixirs, and blend syrups to treat more than 80 funny diseases. Whether it’s a chilli throat condition, frozen hands or slimey lungs, you’ll be sure to find the cure! Unlock new remedies, treatment rooms and new conditions with every level and complete fun challenges!

DECORATE YOUR HOSPITAL – Customize each area of your health center to make your patients feel at home. You have tons of decorations to choose from and when you finally manage to make it look as pretty as a picture, show it off in front of your friends!

PLAY WITH FRIENDS – Connect with your Facebook account to access your friends’ Hospitals around the world. Buy, sell cures and compete with other Hospital managers. Tell them about your achievements via Google Play Games and Facebook.


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