Rocket Bunnies – 80% Carrot, 20% Stick

Nobody ever thought that a rabbit could survive the harsh environs of deep-space, but then again… this ain’t no ordinary rabbit. Slingshot your way from planet to planet collecting carrots in this physics-based arcade classic. Rocket Bunnies is fun, frustrating, and keeps you on your toes.

Title: Rocket Bunnies | Developer: Defiant DevelopmentGenre: Action/Arcade |
Players: 1 | Version: 1.1.0 | Size: 14.7MB | Price: Free

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Rocket Bunnies gives you roughly 80% carrot and 20% stick. There’s no doubt about it, this can be a frustratingly tough game – especially when trying to get a perfect 3-star rating on a level – but it’s a whole lot of fun. In Rocket Bunnies, you play a astronomically-inclined rabbit in search of… wait for it… carrots! Gee, who would’ve guessed. Scooting about in your rocket-propelled rocket, you’ll use the gravity of planetary bodies to both attract, and repel your ship. The faster you collect carrots (while avoiding certain death), the more points you’ll get – the more points, the more stars. You get the idea.

There are currently 60 levels in this game, each offering anywhere from one to three stars upon completion. The faster and more efficiently you complete a level, the more likely you are to get the full 3-star rating. Once you accumulate enough points in a stage, you’ll unlock new levels to conquer. But beware, lone rabbit! There are many obstacles in your path toward the perfect carrot.

Space-spiders will creep about, attempting to corrupt your innocent nature. Planets will self-destruct. Land mines will obstruct your path. Spider webs will impede your progress, and electrical fields will… well, leave you feeling naked and hairless. Rocket Bunnies is all about constant movement – “the flow” is your friend here, so don’t get stuck orbiting Planet X for days on-end. If you end up cornered, don’t fret… grab a power-up and wipe-out everything in your path.

Controls: Are intuitive, to say the least… tap a stellar-body to move toward it. Once orbiting, you can tap the planet/asteroid to reverse-course – an important skill to avoid the spiders! If you time your taps right, you’ll slingshot from one planet to another in a smooth, bunny-like motion. Got stuck on spider silk? No problem. Wait until you’ve stretched the web thin, then tap your destination to break-free. Any time you feel the pressing need for an alfalfa-pellet break, use two fingers simultaneously to tap and pause the game.

Graphics: Android games are slowly, but surely, catching-up to the iPhone in terms of graphical quality. This isn’t your momma’s Flash game. Graphics in Rocket Bunnies are nicely rendered in 3D, from the glowing molten-suns to the flexible spider webs of doom. In-game translucent arrow-pointers also keep your rabbit thrusting in the proper direction.

Sound: The background music in Rocket Bunnies is a cheese-ball synth-track, set to keep you groovin’ while you race from planet to planet. It’s incredibly repetitive, but seems to do the job. The sound effects are well-done, and work nicely.

Options: Not much in the way of options, I’m afraid. You can toggle sound on and off. There’s also a somewhat-decent tutorial that explains your typical obstacles and how to overcome them.

Rabbits… for free. Really? I’ve read that this game competes with Angry Birds in terms of over-all entertainment, and I really don’t doubt it. Rocket Bunnies is fun, frustrating, and keeps you on your toes. With sixty levels to master, and a third galaxy that’s flagged as “coming soon”, you’d have to be… really weird… to pass this game up. Seriously, it’s a blast. As an added bonus, even though there are ads, they only show up on splash-screens and don’t interfere with game play at all *coughsangrybirds*.

Rating: ★★


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