Toyshop Adventures review – Almost LittleBigPlanet for Android

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be 2 inches tall and run up and down toy shelves collecting marbles with the possibility of being attacked by tiny malfunctioning robots? Well would you believe it, we have the game for you. Toyshop Adventures brings you all of this plus much more.

Price: Free (Ad-free + Bonus $2.99) | Size: 11.58 MB’s plus additional 118 MB’s of data | Players: 1 player


  • 19 Playable characters including Andy the Android.
  • Collectible marbles which are used for currency.
  • Ability to earn free crystals by downloading and playing games such as Pocket Legends.
  • In-game level purchases.


Gameplay: Whilst playing Toyshop Adventures you’ll find yourself playing though a selection of toyshop shelf themed levels where you’ll need to collect marbles to purchase in game power-ups which will be needed as the level difficulty increases.

The game takes form in the shape of a 3D side-scroller where you will be required to navigate you way past robots, toy boxes, Lego style bricks and big bouncy balls. It all sounds like a walk in the park and it mostly is but there are several tricky parts to the game where you will need to use your head and figure out how to stack bricks up to get past insanely high obstacles. Also I found hidden areas within the levels themselves which will usually reward you with marbles or even other hidden treasures… exciting isn’t it?

Controls: When you first start up this game there isn’t much of a menu to navigate, you’re given the episode you’re currently up to and a choice of buttons below that and to the sides. There’s the regular “get more games” button, the shop button, character selection, setting and then help, so it’s near impossible to get lost in. Clicking your current episode will launch you straight into the action with a very short tutorial given at the start.

Controlling your character couldn’t be easier, you have a left and a right button on the bottom left of the screen, on the bottom right you have the jump button and a hook shot button once you unlock it early on. The power-up button can be found at the very bottom, middle of the screen making everything relatively easy to reach. One problem I found was the multi-touch, I had trouble being able to jump and move to either side without having to release the jump button first which can lead to you being shocked by robots a few times for no reason.

Graphics and Sound: I found that the graphics are spot on for the style of the game, toyshop game, toyshop graphics… see?! The quality of the graphics isn’t really debatable since it has been designed around a toyshop and we all know what we can find in there. One very cool thing I found was the ability to play as Andy the Android within the game, really hits you in your green robot… I mean heart!

The sound effects for the game are really good. The funny little noises and bleeps again enhance the feeling of being a toy. When it comes to the soundtrack I find it kind of random because I don’t really think it ties in with the game, it’s sort of a sore thumb in my opinion.

Overall: Summing up this game is rather easy, it’s a toyshop adventure game called Toyshop Adventures which does exactly what it says on the tin. You take control of your choice of 19 playable toys and play through multiple episodes to find all the lost marbles of the shop keeper. It’s a game I would recommend for the younger audience or even your kids or even if you just fancy taking a look out of curiosity.

Beware though, this game comes with a hefty price tag of nothing for an ad supported version, so why haven’t you had a go yet? Available in the market now. You can also pick up an ad free version with bonus content for $2.99.

Rating: 3.8/5

Developer Website: Glu Mobile

Direct Market Link: Toyshop Adventures

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