W.W.G.R. Mar.24-Mar.31

I’ve kind of slacked off about keeping up with the Weekly Worst Game Review, not that their hasn’t been enough to review, just been busy writing about other games and getting our first contest organized. Developer Brainmelt GmbH, however, has pulled me out of this slacking off to talk about his awesome new game nicely titled Amateur Housewives.

In the spirit of all things Aroma Planning, it seems like we continuously end up reviewing some crappy adult themed game that slides it’s way onto the Android market. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate an open market as opposed to the ‘approval’ process of the iPhone’s App store, but some of these people need to have their crap taken off the market. This is what MiKandi is for.

Amateur Housewives is a wonderful puzzle game which will only run you the dirt cheap price of 78.00 euros. What do you get for 78.00 euros? Pictures of REAL amateur housewives, I guess that’s opposed to fake ones? Even better if you master all the ‘challenges’ you’ll get a special surprise! For 78.00 euros it better tell me how awesome I am every day when I wake up, special surprise or not.

Seriously though, there are young people who access the Android market and if you want to publish this kind of drivel then you should look at the adult alternative market of MiKandi instead of making us suffer through scrolling past your game to actually view something worth a damn. Even better, Brainmelt GmbH expects people to pay a ridiculous amount of money for something they could Google at any time and not have to deal with completing some ‘challenge’ just to see a picture on their phone.

The crown for the worst developer lies still with Aroma Planning who still pumps out those idiotic up-skirt hip shake touch games but I see the competition is heating up, who knows, we may have a new winner soon, congrats Brainmelt.

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