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Alien Breed Review: A fun look back at a 90s top down shooter

Alien Breed is a simple, top down shooter that was released on a couple of desktop computing platforms in the early 1990s. Its visual style looks like it is cribbed off of the movie franchise of Alien, at least in the appearance of the hostile life forms that players frequently encounter. Alien Breed includes both the original release and subsequent releases in their original graphics, as well as a remake of the same levels with up-scaled graphics.


The classic Amiga game, Alien Breed, has been remade and is heading for Playstation Mobile

A classic top-down shooter has been remade and will be making its way to Playstation Mobile on November 17th, 2012. Coming from the folks over at Team17 Digital Limited, Alien Breed will be making its new debut appearance on mobile devices that are Playstation Certified in ten days, bringing with it the same classic shooter gameplay you may have enjoyed back in 1991 when it was originally released.