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Game News

Let the CES 2011 goodness begin!

As you may or may not know, we here at DroidGamers are based out of Las Vegas, NV with staff from various parts of the USA and Europe. Our first major event coverage which we will be there is this years CES 2011! You can expect a lot of coverage regarding all things Android and Android gaming related.

Hardware News

Rooted NookColor can now use the Android Market

Great news for all you NookColor owners out there, especially if you have rooted it. Now you have a nice, affordable tablet but a bit of a pain to install stuff sometimes and no Android Market access… wait! Now you can have the Android Market on your NookColor, so you’ll be able to play those games you’ve wanted from the Android Market.

Hardware News

Acer announces two tablets coming in 2011

We have some pretty sweet tablets available to us now like the Galaxy Tablet and in the near future such as the Notion Ink and it seems that Acer is getting into the game too. They are releasing anything half-assed either with their upcoming 10.-inch and 7-inch tablets that they just announced today at the Acer press conference.